10 Best Short Skirt Ideas to Try this Summer

There’s good news, ladies! The short skirt look is back.Short skirts transport you back to your teenage years when it was all you wanted to wear. With new trends kicking in, it was time to tuck it into the darkest corner of our wardrobes. As they say, fashion always comes a full circle! Now it’s again becoming a wardrobe staple for all ages! With more designers coming up with innovative styles and patterns, short style skirts are back on the ramp. From uneven hemlines to chic short looks, these skirts are now preferred for the easy, wearable air they carry. The best part of short skirts is that they are fashion-forward, and look incredibly stylish. Pair it with anything-black leggings, a rock star tee or even blazers and change your look in a jiffy! Know what’s the ‘It’ look? Classy shorts with polished looks, rugged minis, and details like slits in your skirts are here to stay.

Summery looks call for ditching over-the-top, here’s where your skirts come in handy. This is your best chance to flaunt those long legs and what better way than a cool short skirt! Don’t just stock it up on the weekends. Reinforce the short whether you need to dress-it-up or look uber-casual. For a cool summer look, pair it up with some bright tank tops, opt for the off-shoulder look or keep it simple with a white tee.
Whether you are looking for celebrity inspired, street-style, or high-end fashion, be inspired by these summer styles which we have picked for you!

So ladies, choose your looks and go ahead and enjoy this summer.

1. The Vibrant Mini

The Vibrant Mini
The perfect pink-colored short minis to brighten your summers. Those cool shades, with the casual jacket thrown in, is what will make you vacation-ready.

2. Keep it comfortable

Keep it comfortable

Pair your shorts with an off-shouldered white top with layers and get ready to explore the city. The sneakers with those shades make for a seriously good retro vibe.

3. Romper Style Rules

Romper Style Rules

Can it get more stylish than this off-shoulder romper which is a perfect summer outfit? The teal jacket and matching shoes take away the monotony and spell CHIC all over.

4. Casual, Sassy Minis

Casual-Sassy Minis

This sassy short summer dress makes you look effortlessly cool. With the hat thrown in, this is a knockout look that is bound to suit all body types.

5. Smarten it up

Smarten it up

Summers also mean rain, so this grey skirt, paired with a fitted leather jacket and knee length boots ensures you are a style diva, and you are weather-ready as well.

6. Bright hues are in

Bright Hues

Why does your mini always have to be in shades of black or denim? Choose bright, vibrant colors for a summery feel and those silver shoes add the right amount of drama making the outfit go glam.

7. The semi-formal Look

semi-formal Look

Now that’s what we call, dressed for all occasions. The leather skirt looks formal and teamed with the casual denim shirt, it’s the perfect outfit for a fun day at the office. We love the choice of bag, too!

8. Earthy Colors rule

Earthy Colors rule

Channel your inner explorer with this cool, earthy mini and jacket with patterns. Those heeled boots notch up the glam factor coupled along with the big metallic hoops.

9. Polka paired minis

Polka paired minis

All of us would love to look like a baby doll from time to time and this look does perfect justice to that. This buttoned-down polka shirt loosely knotted makes a casual outfit that isn’t boring at all!

10. Sporty denims are in

Sporty denims

This cute top, with the fitted denim minis and the beautiful classic shoes, is the stuff summer dreams are made off. It’s vibrant, youthful and screams FUN!!

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