15 Ways To Wear An Oversized Blazer

Body-hugging clothes are out of fashion, and it is time that you embrace flowy, long and oversized clothing items. Even though clothing should undoubtedly be worn in accordance with the body type so that you look best, oversized has become the ‘it thing’ for the fashion fanatics. When you walk into your favorite store or surf the web for the styles of the season, your eyes will come awash with the striking colors and beautiful fabrics of oversized blazers.  Women have taken on the world like a bull by the horns and walk round conquering every phase of life in these strong couture options. If you wish to join the league of these strong women, here is a list of 15 ways in which you can wear an oversized blazer to look demure and feminine at the same time.

Formal PantsWith formal pants: If you are aiming for the perfect formal look then you can most certainly get an oversized blazer in subtle color and pair it with your formal pants. It is one of the most common and sure shot ways to ensure that you come across as ‘you mean business.’

With DenimWith Denim: For those casual day-outings with friends, you can pair up the oversized blazer with your favorite pair of denim. You can choose between skinny or flared denim depending upon your style quotient and body type.

Long DressesWith Long Dresses: if you are one of those who is looking for casual dress options and want to add an extra zing to the dress, the oversized blazer with a contrasting color to create color block image can be the perfect fit for you. Go for solids if you already have printed on the dress or vice-versa.

With Matching Pants

With Matching Pants: If you are looking forward to creating a classic look of the ’70s, you can do so by pairing the blazer with the matching pants. You can go for a contrasting shirt or a top to go with the blazer. It is a great formal look that can easily be carried on for a late-night party as well.

Techno meets Formal

Techno meets formally: another great casual look can be put together if you pair up your favorite print tee with black denim and put on a checked or striped blazer on top. It is a beautiful weekender look for office hours on the weekend or a meeting that you might have to attend on a Sunday.

Dressy look

Dressy look: If you are into the street style fashion in like the New York streets then you can entirely skip the inner wear and try on the oversized blazer and matching pants as a dress. You can embellish this look with the dainty neckpiece to blend in well with the outfit.

Shorts and Long

Shorts and Long: the millennials love to mix and match their outfit and create something eclectic yet pleasing to the eyes. The long shorts paired up with the loose blazers are quite in these days and qualify as one of those eclectic mixes that you must try your hands on.

Crops and Shorts

Crops and Shorts: A great way to showcase your style sense is to match your favorite blazer with the extended shorts and wear them with the crop top. It is an excellent pick for those who love to show off their abs and sculpted body within the flowy fabric of clothes.


Culottes: These forms of pants have been in fashion for quite some time now, and every time you think that those days of wearing oddly fashionable pants are over, you run into someone adorning them with the craziest possible match up, looking amazing as ever.

knee length ones

The Knee Length ones: For those who are derby fans, the knee length pants can be quite enticing. Although there are a few options of wearing these pants in other places, you can totally pair it up with the oversized blazer of your choice to create that derby liking wherever you go.


Bohemian makes: ideally, when you describe the bohemian sense of dressing, you can picture flowy silhouettes and flowery prints. But imagine toning down the whole bohemian look with a boxed print blazer to create a semi-formal look.

Short Dresses

With Short Dresses: A Classic pick of clothes entail a lovely short dress paired up with stilettoes and layered with the beautiful blazer. It is just about the same size as the short dress and makes you look ravishing as ever.

Tights ahoy

Tights ahoy: If you love to adorn a casual look for a Sunday brunch with friends then you can quickly pair up your gym tights with a loose tee and top it up with a semi-formal blazer. It is a lovely way to keep things neat and enticing at the same time.  

Flared pants

Flared pants: Who does not love to throw in an array of colors in their outfit? Pair up your beautiful printed or solid colored oversized blazer with the flared pants in a contrasting shade and go for a mix of color with the top so that it looks different yet makes you feel fresh off the palette of an artist.

U cut pants

U cut pants: if you love the idea of trying of pants with different cuts, then the inverse u cut pants at the tapering ends are a perfect fit for you. The easiest way to tone down the cut of these pants is to pair it up with your favorite blazer.


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