Best Makeup Looks to Try from Paris Fashion Week 2018

Instagram has been flooded with images from the recently concluded Paris Fashion Week. Fashion lovers are falling over themselves to keep attuned to the latest makeup trends this 2018.
Models took to the runway in the latest styles, with eyeliners and glitter ruling the roost this season. A pop of the 60’s, glam 70’s, vintage 80’s…the ramp had it all. Contemporary style with edgy makeup set the bar of fashion really high.
Right from chrome eyebrows to vamp lipsticks, here’s a look at some showy makeup trends and styles that caught our eye. Ladies, get set, arch up your eyebrows and adorn those flashy colors.

Blue eyeshadows are in! The model has just stashed up a pastel shade of blue. Goes well with multiple hairstyles and outfits! Here, lighter shades of lipstick shift the attention to the eyes.
The minimal makeup look gets big thumbs-up! Just let your neon color lipstick speak out for you. Bright greens, electric blues, and neon oranges are the new rages in lip colors. Opt for textured, wet look hairstyles for best results.
It’s not just eyeshadows; golden foils above the high lids are in vogue. The bottom lashes have plain black eyeliner. The minimalistic makeup look ensures the eye makeup pops out!
This feminine, center-parted ponytail gives a classy look. It’s a little disheveled to maintain the softness. Glossy nude lips and those gorgeous eyebrows add to the appeal.
Bouncy Hair
Bouncy hair with volumes, paired with the classical eye makeup of thick, black-rimmed eyes are back on the ramp. Add a smile to the model to increase the oomph factor!
Green Liner
It’s all about the colors this season! The pop of green eyeliner along the lower lashes to compliment the outfit and the pulled back ponytail adds an aura of mystery.
The retro-styled bouffant hairdo which reminds you to have the 50s will be fall goals to aspire for. The winged eye makeup adds to the glamour and overall fashion quotient.
The messy topknot gets a sophisticated twist with the classy outfit to compliment it. The shimmery shadow accentuates the cheekbones and highlights the eyelids.
Pink eyed shadow
Pink eyeshadow, nude lip-gloss, and the center parted hair transcend time. A few strands left carelessly in front add softness and a hint of charm to the otherwise subtle look.
The hair sweeping sideways, natural flush and light-shaded lipstick ensure a balanced, new-age look. The fluttery eyelashes add a bit of drama to the otherwise sophisticated look.
Thick eyebrows are back, with long eyelashes and a subtly swooped silvery-eye shadow in tow! Pink lips and light foundation ensures this is a simple to wear stylish beauty look.
As we are repeatedly stressing focus your looks on your eyes, ladies! The dramatic winged eyeliner and pink eyeshadow extended to the eyebrows are all it takes to look like a diva.
This bold-winged smoky eye in electric blue makes for a dramatic look! The bling adds an extra dose of sparkle. We love how the outfit and eye makeup are a contrast adding to the visual appeal of the makeup.
Glam, elegant and a bit sassy, this vintage hairdo is back! Those curls will endow you with old-world charm.  Matte lipsticks add to the allure.
Now, that’s what we call over-the-top eye makeup! Unleash your inner quirkiness with these bright yellow hues and don’t forget to go nude with the makeup.

We hope you get inspired to try out some of the latest trends from these looks.

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