Best of Versace Resort 2019 collection

Versace has always captured the essence of a street culture in its full vibrancy. They are tuned in to the needs and aspirations of the younger generation when it comes to fashion choices and this year is no different. The latest trends with their bright hues, unconventional, provocative attitudes and cosmo inspired fashion were the stuff that dotted the Versace Resort 2019 collection. The collection represents the bold, unapologetic Versace woman who dresses for herself!
Versace designs the collection from ideas of what they would actually wear with sexy, smart looks and a bold vibe. Girls can have all the fun with this lovely new collection which promises to be an eclectic mix of chic and uber cool. The brand was in the spotlight with this latest jackpot for all fans.

Donatella Versace
Donatella Versace added a fair bit of flair with these interesting yet simple elegant outfits as she abandoned the classic styles associated with Versace with this modern yet elegant take.

Thigh-high boots
Thigh-high boots ruled the roost and these denim jumpers which accentuate the waistline were highlighted with wide belts. A complete bold look for the woman of today.

These interesting blazers showed some crazy extravagance teamed in layers. The colors dotted the predominantly black outfit and were like a breath of fresh air.

Daring silhouettes
Daring silhouettes should we say! The Blazers were interesting as was the short dress of the same pattern. It’s funny, cool and full of street-style vibes.

splash of colors
What is life without a splash of colors! The luxurious collection was dominated by colors such as red, brown, camel, black, besides softer colors such as sweet pink and light blue.

School girl
Schoolgirl meets glamor! The yellow dress is cut to cinch the waist for a belted effect and these casual day dresses are all you need for a perfect day out!

Versace woman
Belt it is what the Versace woman seems to be saying. These sporty looks are for the woman who needs to feel good as well as be a glamorous darling.

autumn colorsThe Versace woman loves her heels! These autumn colors add a touch of melancholy and just when you thought sophisticated, the metallic belts add the right amount of shimmer.

Women in black
Women in black! There’s no crazy indulgence here as this look shows the woman who is too busy yet needs to look her best. Look hot, mysterious and like you mean business – all at the same time!

Red, white and black
Red, white and black can never go wrong! The thin pencil skirts ooze glamor and the entire look oozes smart confidence with lovely ankle boots.

wow factor
The wow factor of these luxurious evening dresses cannot be missed. It’s a perfect fit to showcase your thin waistline and show that you are set to rule. Team them up with bright-hued bags for best results.

Versace BeltsBelts are indeed the takeaway from this collection and the colors give an earthy vibe. Perfect for all times of the day, they look cool when paired with heels.

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