Burberry Prorsum All New Incredible Resort 2021 Collection

Now, fashion has developed its new statement and is presenting itself in a mostly digital way. But that’s not the end of the story. There are plenty of selected brands that have moved forward with physical shows as well. Moreover, the models have found comfort with the line of digital sessions. Traditionally, the casting for the models becomes a time-consuming endeavour.

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Curated castings by a team of individuals, these days the brands are trying to showcase the new collection. In this regard, at Burberry, the brand photographed the all-new incredible resort 2021 collection. It did so on various members, some of which also took into consideration London(according to Vogue).

If you go through the Instagram page, you can see that the brand posted the collection of images that also holds the introduction of each employee and their department alongside. This adds up to the details of the look.

So, it’s clear how fashion has attained its new shape when you’re getting the opportunity of seeing collections modelled on ‘real people’. Definitely, it proved to be most refreshing that started fostering the feeling of both community and belonging.

The Most Significant Part

The most incredible development so far in this approach of this remote resort season is that the designers and brands have chosen none other but their own teams to stand for traditional models.

It’s true that amidst the social distancing rules of the UK, they could successfully create a studio or location shoot right at the doorstep for only the Burberry, company’s employees. The results the world could see is totally an endorsement of “a little something Burberry for everyone” by Riccardo Tisci. The point that deserves to highlight here is the fact that whether there is a reshaping of the trend, the company could become successful in its mission to give the business a new outlook by engaging its employees only.

Rather than hiring the new faces at modelling agencies, they could sustain the business as usual even during this crisis. Consequently, it became the inspiration for the other companies to take a moment to rethink everything while welcoming these new approaches.

Sophistication at its Best

The resort collection is a mark of Tisci’s twin talents, namely sophisticated tailoring as well as the streetwear touch that is quite appealing. The first category comprised of a black wool jacket with a gracefully draped detail. It featured the lapels bisection to tie at the bust. It also successfully complemented the matching high-waisted, as well as straight-leg trousers.

Overall, the look proved to be sexy and cool when there was the involvement of the right combination. In the second category, there was rather the beautifully designed classic camel trench with block letter logo of Burberry that is just stamped on the belt. The awesome red colour Logo proved to be the perfect styling option.

It could also successfully remind us that COVID-19 recession is going to see a sudden end in some time. It’s true that the belt looks new, and it’s not an easy trick at all just to pull off. Besides, the all-new oversized check motif along with the rich scarf prints proved to be the centre of attraction. What’s more incredible is the fact that there are the delicate pink rose prints decorating a black button-down type of trousers that also complements the puff-shouldered shirtdress.

Overall, the delicate, as well as understated checks and scarf prints, prove to become the outspoken styling statement to stand out. Later on, Riccardo Tisci stated that he had taken the inspiration totally from the Gardens and homes of London that became the perfect collection as well as the accompanying look for fitting the staff models. For designing these dresses, he took the inspiration from models members as well as the staff for building the broader community.

To make the latest looks jaw-dropping, he also started using only the homes and the outside as the shooting location to maintain the social distance.

The Compliments it Deserves

The collection totally turned out to be on a fuzzy and sporty new look that became a new mark for the signature checks and stripes of the brand. It also included tailored suits, bags, as well as some Rose print dresses. The designs also proved to be perfect in terms of the Silk tops, shirt dress as well as a sweatshirt.

There were abstract graphic Burberry logos stamped in some that became a mark of styling. The black nylon car coat that was printed proved to be perfect. Besides, it also took into consideration the variety of letters on the back of the quilted jacket as well.

When interviewed, Tisci remarked that he totally wanted to draw upon the familiar things that would develop both senses of strength and comfort. He also added that he took the inspiration mostly from the Heritage house codes like the stripes, check as well as Unicorn Emblem. For that, he again revisited them for development of the new perspective and thus incorporating the elements of both streetwear and sophistication. The designer also had to spend his quarantine weeks in nature to take inspiration from the antique gardens.

Tisci also added that for the work he asked models, including Judy Collinson, to interpret the looks. He seemed to be quite happy about the diversity of talent that thus highlighting the magic of the Burberry. The seasonal look could successfully leverage plaid suiting, as well as trench coats with the logo splashed. Overall, the Burberry Resort 2021 collection inspires the use of architectural structure and minimalism.

Highlighting the Streetwear Aesthetic

For the Resort 2021 Burberry collection, Riccardo Tisci demonstrates high-end streetwear styling that matches the sophisticated tailoring. The combination of bold colour and architectural structure with a balance between whimsy and signature austerity is expressive of the large, and oversized plaids.

Final word

Overall, Resort 2021 collection proves to be the use of structure and silhouette to match the strong styling statement standards. The use of huge logos along with the coloured logos not only demonstrates sticking to trending fashion styles but also tongue-in-cheek irreverence as well as satire. Be ready to check out for yourself the Olympia pouch clutched by models. You will definitely fall in love with these.

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