Juvia’s Place Review – Detailed Review on the Vibrant, Colorful Collection

When it comes to makeup, ladies do not compromise, do we? Whether it’s an eye-popping eyeshadow or a rare shade of lipstick, we don’t settle for the second-best. Choosing the right brands are important especially for quality makeup essentials since they spell quality, variety, sustainability, and natural ingredients. We bring you one such brand we loved – Juvia’s! This Africa-inspired brand is making a splash with its amazing pigmentation and vibrant colors.

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At Juvia’s you get an array of colorful, breathtaking eyeshadows, beauty essentials, and makeup tools to turn you into an indisputable diva. Their splash of colors is perfectly balanced and luscious and incredibly wearable channeling your inner Goddess. Here’s more on how we felt about the brand.

What sells like hotcakes at Juvia’s?

Seven piece Brush
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Zulu Eye Shadow
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Nubian Loose
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Almost everything! We took a look at the site which is almost as colorful as they incredible color palette of makeup they offer.

A huge range of Eye Shadow palettes – They come under different hues like the Saharan palette flooded with earthy shades, the Festival Eyeshadow with its splash of bright colors and the muted warrior palette.

Highlighters – An array of glowing highlighter in all muted shades ranging from chocolate to peach shades which give you a complete natural glow.

Blushes – Another hue of colors to stun

Lipsticks – The most eye-catching shades from any brand! Purple Plum, Dark chocolate brown, smoked purple…this is not for the faint-hearted.

Brushes – they come in all sizes to meet all your makeup needs

Are these Products the REAL deal?

Since getting a lot of good feedback from users, we decided to try out the Saharan Palette. We got the product real quick in around 2 business days and the package was incredibly cool. The colors are just eye-popping and go beautifully against any skin tone. The palette is really beautiful going with most shades of outfits girls will commonly own. There is a HUGE palette as well and the quality and feel left us beyond satisfied.

The Madame Matte and Metallic liquid lip consist of a matte as well as a metallic shade. It felt creamy and glided and blended beautifully on the lips. There’s no smudging, odd Stickiness and it feels extremely comfortable.

However our favorite and the pick of the lot must be the Bella Blush. This coral toned blush was a perfect blend of fierceness and boldness with a flawless finish and was very easy to blend into the skin. There were no uneven patches, the odd-looking feeling of being out of place and it did stand well for a long time.

Why we loved Juvia’s Place?

  • The colors available here are pigmented and vibrant. They are able to blend so beautifully together, especially the eyeshadow palette.
  • NO animals are harmed or tested on any of Juvia’s products.
  • All products are strictly vegan except the warrior eyeshadow palette
  • Since its African inspired, it has some amazing, bold pigmentation not found in other brands.
  • The customer service is great and delivery is quick.
  • You have interesting palettes and many options to choose from be it lips or eye makeup.
  • An affordable brand, it does not burn a hole in your pocket.  
  • They offer free shipping for orders over $100 in the US only and you can ship the products internationally.

Where can you buy them?

Worldwide customers can purchase them on their very own site, www.juviasplace.com. However, customers in the UK, France, Singapore, Barbados, and Qatar can buy them at retail stores mentioned on their website.

How good is the Customer Service?

To be honest, the products are so good and delivered without hitches, you will hardly need to contact them. Every step from the time you order till delivery, you keep getting notifications never leaving you clueless. Those who had to use the customer service found them quick and extremely receptive. You can either leave them a message on their site or email them at [email protected] and they get back quickly to you.

Shipping and Returns Information

If you’re wondering how fast the shipping is, we got our products in 3 business days. However, in peak seasons like holidays, you can expect them in 5 to 7 business days. There’s free shipping in the US over $100, however, international shipping comes at a price depending on the country.

This New Year, there’s free shipping on Orders $50 and up!

When it comes to Returns, dissatisfaction can’t be accepted as a reason for return due to the low-cost value of the products. But, in case of damages, the products will be immediately replaced.

Customer Feedback and Cons, if any

They’ve got excellent positive feedback from most customers and beauty bloggers and we give them credit too. Since they are honest enough to allow customers to rate them on their own site, the quality can be vouched for. Most of their products seem to have the rating of above 4.7/5 which is pretty good. The only downside was that a few bestselling products were sold out and we couldn’t purchase them.


We would definitely recommend Juvia’s and urge you to try them. They are value-for-money, come in interesting shades and harmless on your skin. The unique colors, vegan products, and fast shipping make them a great choice for makeup essentials.

Shop Now and Get Free Shipping on Orders $50 and Above

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