Mermaid Pillows Review – Magical Sequined Hand-Woven Pillows

These are a unique set of pillows which you will never find anywhere else. They are a family-owned business from Nebraska which creates the most exquisite pillows sewn by hand. The pillow feels like a cloud and comes with sequin covers which are reversible and kids would love to play with. One side of the pillow consists of an inspirational message while the other comes with sequins which can be changed by swiping your hand. Creative, right? This is so cool, your kids would play with it instead of their toys or bothersome electronic gadgets.



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What are the Features of Mermaid Pillows?

These pillows have some unique features like:

  • Quality sequins: These are reversible and smooth
  • Custom designs: You can order custom-made pillows.
  • Soft fabric: Smooth velvet fabric of the highest quality
  • Quality Cotton: Removable pillow insert of high-quality cotton
  • Hidden quality zipper
  • Large size: The pillow is about 12” * 20”.
  • Handmade: Makes it long-lasting
  • Free Shipping: Free shipping in the USA

Pros and Cons

Mermaid Pillows

How does it Actually Work?

The sequins are hand-sewn and come in two colors. SO when you flip the pillow, you can swipe your hand over them to create different patterns with colors. You can also swipe messages with the sequins and is highly addictive.

Why Choose Mermaid Pillows Over Others?

We noticed kids love their mermaid pillows. The variants for boys like Dragons Dream and Sharks Think and for girls LIKE unicorn and reversible pink pillows are great and have a calming effect on active kids. There are plenty of choices for children to choose from and the pillow also comes as a set with blankets and bracelets. Pick yourfavorite pillows in a set of 3 and pay just $99 for the bundle with no shipping charges.

What Other Products can you Buy on Mermaid Pillows?

It’s not just their sequined pillows which will win your hearts! You can opt for super-soft and fluffy blankets, choose from their pillow and blanket sets and also from an array of colorful bracelets.
The mermaid bracelets are sparkly and provide a sensory distraction for kids who need it. It is also teacher and school-approved and has a calming effect on people.


$5 Donated Per Pillow

It’s not just the quality, uniqueness and pricing of the Mermaid Pillows which attracted us. The fact that they have fundraising program which is open to all organizations, schools, and NGOs is also great news! These groups can create fundraising pages for the pillows and get 20% of every order placed on their page. The process is hassle-free and many have benefitted from it.

What are the Various Types of Mermaid Pillows?

  • Unicorn – iridescent and silver sequins
  • Custom made – your choice of colors
  • Fairs – light purple
  • Dinosaurs – red and black sequins
  • Love – pink and silver sequins
  • Discover – silver and green sequins.
  • Fairy – Bright purple and iridescent sequins
  • Believe – Lake blue and silver
  • Confidence – Aqua and purple sequins

How do you stuff the Pillow Cover?

Pillow cover has a zipper across the bottom edge. Watch the below video and find out more



Go for these pillows with their pleasing appearance and soothing sequins. They could be placed in prominent places like your living room and can be conversation-starters for sure.

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