Plastic Shoes – The Latest Trend And Negative Effects

There are a variety of shoe trends that have been out in the fashion market from sneakers to wedges and a lot more. Recently trending and debatable foot style is about the plastic shoe. These shoes are transparent or translucent, give a very sheer look to the feet and are obviously made out of plastic.  This trend of plastic in foot style has been incorporated in many forms like plastic boots, plastic wedges, plastic heels etc. This trend is very useful if you want to flaunt your feet, with nice toenails and nail paints.
Celebrities have been wearing these plastic shoes and sandals and they look all the more ravishing and stylish because of the way they carry them. Right from Rihanna to Kim Kardashian rocked the plastic element in their foot ware with utmost confidence and swag.  As this style of plastic shoes is trending among fashion influencers, it is more evidence that young girls out there are in search for such styles in the market. Renowned shoe designers like Jimmy Choo and a lot more others are into styling and adding plastic to existing shoe trends.

Celebrities in Plastic Shoes

Kim Plastic ShoesKim Kardashian in plastic heels

RihannaRihanna in Jimmy Choo plastic shoes

Kristen StewartKristen Stewart in plastic boots.

Rihanna stepped out in off-white Jimmy choo Claire shoes with plastic bags, making her own style statement.
Just like how not all trends are as comfortable as they seem to be, plastic shoes come under the same condition. They look very stylish along with giving very peppy rock star aura to your feet and also compliment any dress or accessories that you wear.

Negative Effects of Wearing Plastic Shoes

  1. Plastic will make your feet sweat which will lead to a lot of discomforts.
  2. Materials like plastic do not stretch and are not flexible like other materials like leather, velvet etc.
  3. Due to the rigid structure, there is no air passing by the footwear, which is very necessary.
  4. Feet become moist and increased in temperature which sometimes can lead to infections and skin allergies.
  5. It is very obvious that plastic is not skin friendly, it might lead to scars on the feet.
  6. According to specialists, foot might swell because of the material, all the more if worn the entire day.
  7. Plastic lacks shock absorption quality which can lead to joint and bone pain
  8. It is not summer friendly neither good in rainy season, as the water will get collected and will have no way out of the footwear.


As a conclusion, plastic footwear is trending for the look it gives and also because of the celebrities that are making it popular, but it is essential to know the disadvantages of wearing it and the consequences over the period.

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