Should We Stare At Our Face On Zoom That Impacts Our Self-Image?

Zoom meetings are becoming quite popular because that’s the only way of perfect communication for meetings, online classes, shows, and everything else. It also gives the ability to work on it within the comfort of your own home. But is it that right to keep on staring at the faces on Zoom for prolonged hours? There come certain drawbacks to it.

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Before we dive in any deeper into the topic, let’s talk about the fact that we are living in the social media universe that is posing adverse effects on the way we are perceiving about ourselves. Already, there have been plenty of cosmetic procedures that are having a more precarious relationship when it comes to the self-image. In addition to them, the Zoom meetings are becoming the tools for driving negativity.

There are plenty of people who are facing anxiety over the months when they’re discovering the flaws related to their natural looks. Consequently, there is a rise in negative thinking patterns when it comes to appearance. Buchannan states that many people are usually vulnerable to their body dissatisfaction, and this is increasing their insecurities.

There are plenty of people who were also suffering from BDD and are facing numerous challenges in their way Sometimes, such similar experiences for the shorter or even the longest spans become disastrous. People usually become stuck between their work and worth related to the appearance. They start getting distracted from their work.

Moreover, these prolonged periods of anxiety take a heavy toll on both the body and the mind. At such times, it becomes very important to divert the mind and figure out normal ways of socializing.

The ways to overcome such negative impacts

1. Start considering the points that help you in the Philips Healthcare

It’s indeed human nature to value looks over other entities. Sometimes, people start forgetting their self-worth and become quite concerned about their looks. For curbing this problem, it is recommended by Buchannan to look for alternative characteristics that will help highlight the true value. Sometimes jotting down the sort of qualities that you have and then sharing those with yourself can serve as a friend, citizen, partner, or the professional human being. This feeling will make you feel grateful for yourself.

2. Start receiving the focus from one point

In case you are becoming too much focused towards your appearance based flaws, then it’s better to start focussing elsewhere. It’s true that before the work calls, you will have to keep in mind the best lighting, the angle from the camera as well as the distance.

Sometimes, it also happens that you often become too distracted due to the video calls because you are insecure about the appearance.

The protip at such a point is to start noticing the person you are speaking to and focusing on the conversation between the two. Weingarten suggests that it is better to start using mindfulness as a tool that will be helping a lot in distracting the focus from concerning beauty. Sometimes, it’s good to utilise the program of Zoom and other programs or turn off the selfie mode.

3. Avoidance of looking at yourself for prolonged hours

We cannot blame ourselves for it is human nature to start spending time looking at yourself. Be it the zoom meetings or the front camera, we tend to examine our face and look for the hidden flaws in the conscious or subconscious mind. Naturally, when individuals also start paying attention to one thing at a time, it takes a heavy toll on life. For control of this aspect, it is essential to cut down the time we are becoming body image-focused.

Moreover, it is good to refrain from looking into the mirror plenty of time. Sometimes reducing the times of capturing selfie-and seeking the reassurance from others about the appearance also works the best.

4. Start accepting everything utilizing the healthy scepticism

Whenever you are browsing through the social media there are chances that you will be looking at other photos and there is a scepticism built with it. However, it’s always good to start taking into consideration the healthy scepticism.

Always ask yourself if the photo is truly reflecting what the person presents himself or herself to be. You should always think about how much hand-selected, edited, or doctored the photo is before he or she had posted. In the other way, you can figure out some tips for building a positive self-image.

It is to go with the room for the development of healthy habits. There is also a lot of evidence that shows that the more time you spend on social media, the more you are becoming vulnerable to the satisfaction about your presence.

It’s true that even holding the smartphone or the laptop near your eyes, or scrolling through social media will be making you happy when you are using it for 30 minutes. However, you must also ensure 30 minutes of break to find some space for the realisation of your self-worth.

5. Seeking support in terms of counselling

In case you are stressed due to the appearance, then it is always recommended to seek help from the psychologist, therapist or a counsellor who will be specialising in giving you good ideas about how to develop self-worth. They will assist in driving away thoughts about body image. He or she will be also guiding you in the process of recalibrating as well as transforming your thoughts to focus somewhere else.

In this way, you will be finding some change in the perception about yourself and it will be improving your life to a great extent. There are also online support groups, friends, family and others who are ready to reach out for help amidst coronavirus pandemic.

Final word

The realisation of the values, capabilities and intentions plays a major role in the life of a person than the overall looks. It’s very important to recognise the self-worth that will boost confidence in the long run. Though social networking, as well as zoom meeting, has made us stressed towards our looks and finding our insecurities, yet turning the focus elsewhere will help to a great extent. No matter what the situation is, one should not ever compare with others and their looks at all times. There must be a sense of confidence in terms of the self-worth and the way someone looks.

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