Simple Tips And Tools To Treat Yourself To A Spa Day While At Home

How we all miss our regular routines of getting our nails and hair done. No matter how busy we were, taking out time for self-care and looking presentable for work or social gatherings used to top our to-do list. Booking an appointment with our favourite stylist and esthetician feels like from another lifetime now.
While we all have been at home for what seems like ages now we have to remember to pamper ourselves with some much-deserved self-care and love as it seems like going out is going to be a faraway dream. Remember self-care is also about lifting up your spirits which is much needed right now, so get those eyebrows plucked, nails painted and waxing done while you’re at home with these simple easy to follow tips while you are at home.

1. Relaxing Ambience just like your favourite SPA

Let’s start with creating a relaxing ambience just like your favourite spa with a Lavender scented candle.
So get ready to be treated to a spa day right in your house with these simple tips and tricks which will leave your skin glowing, hair shiny and relaxed hands and feet. Now, get the spa experience at home by creating a relaxing ambience which will help you unwind eliminating any stress or anxiety you have been cooped up at home because of the coronavirus outbreak.

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Also, get into the mood by wearing the most luxurious and comfy bathrobe to complete the experience.

2. Facials

Facials to give your tired and overstressed skin a natural glow. Facials are one of the most relaxing and luxurious things which you can pamper yourself with. Facials are generally a step deeper than what you do every day as your skincare routine and should be done once a week or fifteen days. Here are some simple tips you can do to give yourself a facial at home.
You can check out this cleaner from Cethaphil which works for normal to oily skin.

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Cleanse your skin before you start with anything else. Give it a double cleanse first with an oil-based cleanser for removing makeup or product followed by a water-based cleanser which will clear your skin of any grime or sweat.
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Steam your skin as it’s one of the most important steps in any facial. Steaming your face will help open up your pores and get it ready for exfoliation. Make sure you don’t over steam as that can lead to dryness.
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Exfoliate your skin to get rid of dead skin and reveal radiant skin. You can use a scrub to open your pores and remove dead skin while improving the texture of your skin. While exfoliating concentrate on your T- zone or other parts of your face which are oilier.
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Massage is the most important part of any facial as that is what relaxes your skin completely and gives a glow. As you are doing it at home you can combine this step with an applying a mask. You can simply massage the mask into your skin instead of just applying it. Leave the mask on for a few minutes for a glowing looking skin afterwards.
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Moisturize your skin with a nice hydrating moisturizer or serum. This will help to lock all the hydration use a jade roller to help depuff your face and help rejuvenate. You can use a jade roller for the massage as well.
And your done giving your self a spa-worthy home facial.
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Check out this dermaplaning tool for the face.
Dermaplaning treatment is also one of the ways to get rid of dead skin, dullness and peach fuzz. It’s the best technique to achieve baby soft and smooth skin. It’s as simple as shaving your face, but with a tool which is specially made to achieve the best results while doing at home.

3. Pedicure and Manicure

Pedicure and Manicure to remove calluses for baby soft feet and hands. Get perfectly polished fingers and toes at home by following these simple steps at home. All you need are some tools other than your nail paints, top coat and nail clippers and a nail file (assuming you have these at home). Here is your guide to an at-home pedicure and manicure.
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Soak your feet/ hand in a tub with warm water in it for a few minutes. Now exfoliate your rough heels with a foot file. Using the file buff away at the rough areas of your heel, cracks of your heel and the ball of your foot.

Once you are done with exfoliation pat dry your feet/hand. By now your will nails will be soft which are easier to cut. With the help of a nail clipper and clip your nails in a neat line. After clipping file your toes/fingers smooth in one direction.

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Treat your cuticles with the cuticle pusher by gently pushing back any waxy build-up on your toenail/fingernail. Trim away any piece of dead skin or nail hangs with the cuticle trimmer.
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Treat your feet to a mask by putting on a foot mask. You can use a moisturizing mask to keep your skin of your sole nourished, smooth and silky for a longer time.
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Paint your nails. Also start with a base coat which prevents yellow stains and chipping. As it’s summer which tends to dry out our toenails due to the heat use a moisturizing base coat formula. Always seal your coat with a no – chip top coat.
Cuticle oil
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Last but not the least end with a coat of cuticle oil which helps with healthy and strong nails for hands and toes. Always apply after nail polish so it doesn’t interfere with the color.
That’s it. Now you know how simple and easy it is to do your nails at home. No more chipped nails while in Quarantine.

4. Haircare

Haircare if you are suffering from dry hair, itchy scalp, or dandruff you can solve all of the issues at home by following some simple DIY at home or shop for some hair masks.
A deep conditioning mask to repair all sorts of hair damage

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Deep conditioning mask will replenish moisture and protect against future damage. You can make a mask at home using ingredients like eggs, avocado or yoghurt. Or you can simply purchase a deep conditioning mask online. You can try these store brought mask mentioned below.
You can get shiny, bouncy healthy hair within your home without having to wait for your hair salons to open.

5. Eyebrows

Eyebrows give our face a definition. Now we know it’s not something which we can do it at home unless you wish to get back the thin eyebrows trend back in style. But rather than waiting for your next appointment for waxing or threading, you can clean up your brows for the extra growth. Just follow these easy steps and you have your tidy brows back.
Check these tweezers for plucking your brows

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Clean up the stray hairs around your brows by plucking them with tweezers.
A eyebrow kit which covers all your tools to get your brows in shape.
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Trim any lengthy strands with small cosmetic scissors by brushing them upwards towards your hairline with a brow brush.
Now you won’t have to run to the salon as soon as it opens with bushy brows.

6. Body Hair Removal

Body hair removal is on top of everyone agenda as it’s summer and no one wants to look like a hairy bear. Here are some really simple tips and products which will help you remain fuzz-free and give you silky smooth skin. Disposable razors for all your needs

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Opt for pain-free method even though it’s not long-lasting which can be done in the comfort of your bathroom. Shaving is easy and pain-free and can be done for bikini, underarm, legs and forearms. It’s simply one solution for all.
Check out these waxing strips kit for face, brows and bikini.
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You can give a try at waxing at home with body wax strips which can be used for any body parts. While this is painful and needs technique the results last for a longer duration.
Check out these hair removal cream
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One of the easiest but not so pleasant way of getting rid of body hair is to use hair removing creams or depilatory creams. These give long-lasting results without the pain and are easy to use.

That’s it, ladies, isn’t it easy to pamper yourself at home while we are all locked in inside. Until your favourite salons and spas are safe to open let’s take care of ourselves and enjoy some self-love within our homes.

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