The best hairstyles to anticipate for fall 2023

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Make a hair appointment for fall right away: The trends that will rule the following season have been previewed by the Fall/Winter 2023 runways. And although some, like hair bows, are simple to try at any time, others will require some consideration and the assistance of a reputable hairstylist. Find the Five fall trends that we predict will dominate below, thanks to Fashion Week.

1. Bows, Big and small

Gregory Scaffidi

Image: Gregory Scaffidi

StolenBesos For Sandy Liang

Image: StolenBesos For Sandy Liang

Classic Brows

Image: Pinterest
The wacky follow-up to the butterfly clip? At Sandy Liang, some of the models’ hairstyles featured little satin bows.

At Max Mara, low ponies were adorned with oversized black ribbons in a more traditional hair bow design.

2. Slicked-Back Ponys

Image: Astrid Starwiaz / Getty Images

Gregory Scaffidi

Image: Armando Grillo,
Not a hair was out of place at Brandon Maxwell, where sleek ponytails let the models’ fresh faces shine.

LaQuan Smith, on the other hand, adopted a more Y2K-inspired look with high gloss and volume at the crown.
At Dior, Guido Palau and his crew slicked back some models’ hair while braiding back others’ hair in the small, little braids you see here. The outfit was really stylish with the addition of a black headband tied in a bow at the nape of the neck.

3. Choppy Bangs

Image: Getty Images

Image: Karwai Tang // Getty Images

Short, Bangs that resemble Audrey Hepburn have been popular for a few seasons. These days, they’re becoming more unfinished and feathery, as Grace Elizabeth at Alberta Ferretti demonstrated.
Iris Law also showed off a piece-y look while walking the runway at Daniel Lee’s first Burberry show.

4. Neat Buns

Neat buns

Image: Dave Kotinsky // Getty Images

Image: Giovanni Giannoni // Getty Images
Give your buddy who is getting married this year this: The handcrafted flower elements throughout the collection served as inspiration for the rose-like hairdo Lacy Redway made for the Christian Siriano show.
Jimmy Paul, a stylist, created traditional braided buns at the nape of the neck for Carolina Herrera.

5. Loose Waves


Image: Pietro D’ Aprano // Getty Images
The hair at Ulla Johnson, like the collection, was designed by Joey George for Oribe and was influenced by artworks by Botticelli from the Renaissance.
On the Roberto Cavalli runway, relaxed, casual hair (sometimes carelessly tucked into the clothing) was also seen.

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