The Best Lip Scrubs Will Get Rid of Flakes in Once Use

Finding the right lip scrub is important if you want lips that are smooth and easy to kiss. The best lip scrubs not only get rid of dead skin cells and dry skin in one use, but they also leave your lips feeling soft, moisturized, and ready for lipstick.

What Is a Lip Scrub?

In current times, lip scrubs are physical exfoliants that are made just for the lips. The term was first used by Sara Happ, now known as the lip expert, in 2005. “Because there wasn’t one, I made the first lip scrub in my kitchen 19 years ago.” “It’s a mix of juicy essential oils and finely ground sugar that scrubs lips the same way we scrub our bodies from head to toe.”

To get a softer, smoother surface, their goal is to exfoliate the skin and replenish its moisture. It prevents dry, chapped lips and prepares your lips for application, says Aharon. The lack of dryness and flakiness will produce a far more refined and polished finish.

The Best Lip Scrubs:

  • The Best Lip Scrub Overall: Sara Happ Lip Scrub
  • The Best Lip Scrub for Lipstick Prep: Dior Addict Lip Sugar Scrub
  • The Best Gentle Lip Scrub: iS Clinical Lip Polish
  • The Best Moisturizing Lip Scrub: Makeup by Mario Perfecting Lip Scrub
  • The Best Travel-Friendly Lip Scrub: Olio E Osso Lip Scrub

Sara Happ Lip Scrub:

$26 at Nordstrom

Happ invented lip scrubs, and her name-brand product is people’s fave. Brown sugar, vanilla bean, pink grapefruit, and dazzling peach are its four colors. Its easy recipe removes dry and flaky skin without irritation. Apply it every night before bed and moisturize it with a balm. Every flavor tastes like a sweet delight.

Pros: Excellent range of shades; gentle on skin; quick to take effect.

Cons: None

Dior Lip Sugar Scrub Sweet Exfoliating Lip Balm:

$40 at Nordstrom

Before You turn in for the night, You like something stronger, not this. However, for quick touch-ups before applying lipstick while on the run, its bullet shape and no-wipe composition are a godsend. To smooth the texture of the lips and remove any large flakes, simply swipe it across the top and bottom lip multiple times. Additionally, Plan to apply this multiple times daily to keep your lips from chapping.

Pros: Simple to use; good for traveling

Cons: Not a deep exfoliation

iS Clinical Lip Polish (15 g.):

$38 at Dermstore

There is no need to scrub hard with this very fine product; it is still one of the gentlest on the market. It’s great for people who are very sensitive around the mouth, and Aharon always keeps it in her kit. She says, “It’s almost like sand, so you can get into the corners and edges of your lips when you buff it in.” “It conditions the lips and makes them feel soft.”

Pros: Gentle Formula; great for lip lines that are chapped

Cons: Grains can sometimes stay behind, making it hard to wipe off.

Makeup by Mario Perfecting Lip Scrub:

$24 at Sephora

To be honest, We can rather call this scrub a balm. You’ll hardly notice the exfoliation action of the ultra-fine sugar particles used in its formulation. The rich, velvety texture enhanced with nourishing oils is the most prominent sensory aspect. As soon as you press your lips together, the grit practically disappears, and a silky smooth surface is revealed. Use a tissue to remove the scrub completely on days when you are wearing matte lipstick.

Pros: Great package for use on the go; very moisturizing

Cons: Won’t fully remove a chapped texture in one use

Olio E Osso Lip Scrub:

$20 at Shopbop

As far as lip prep goes, this wide-stick product is a staple in the makeup artists’ toolbox. “You can skip using a spatula or getting your hands dirty,” Aharon assures. “If you prefer a less sugary flavor, you’ll love this one because it uses olive stones and coffee beans—a combination that’s both unusual and delicious.” Then, use one of the brand’s colored lip balms—they’re second to none.

Pros: Feels light; not messy.

Cons: Hard to remove

Henne Organics Rose Diamonds Lip Exfoliator:

$26 at Bluemercury

When your lips are dry and peeling, Henne Organics saves me. It can pick up large dead skin bits due to its bigger sugar crystals. Despite its delightful exfoliation, the product is nourishing. Vitamin E, rose oil, and jojoba oil keep you hydrated. Rose Diamonds, Nordic Berries, and Lavender Mint variants provide something for everyone.

Pros: Variety of flavors; Great Smell.

Cons: A little messy

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish Exfoliator:

$21 at Sephora

If you had this lip scrub since high school, you can know how to use it perfectly. It can get a little messy on the face because it is rougher than most. As I rub this in, I like to put a damp washcloth or paper over my finger. You can really get into every crack and corner with the scrub, and it also makes cleanup easy.

Pros: Variety of flavors; Great Smell.

Cons: A little messy

Get rid of chapped lips and enjoy a healthier pout! You’ll find the right lip scrub for your needs and preferences with so many great options. For long-lasting results, use moderate exfoliation, nourishing ingredients, and a hydrating lip balm. Scrub away and show off those kissable lips all season!