The Best Paris Street Style from Fashion Week 2018 – The 20 Most Stylish Outfits

Paris Fashion Week is a month-long fashion marathon where one can see multiple, stylish, glamorous outfits that are eye-catching. Paris is known for a lot of things from the iconic Eiffel Tower and iconic designers like Dior. All these have clearly influenced the French style. When it comes to fashion, no one does it better than the Parisians. This year at the Fashion Week, a lot of contemporary and minimalistic style was observed. Punk, oversized, sequined, bright, blocked, color blocked- you had all types of feed in the street style.

Let us see some of the 20 Best Street Style which is iconic in their own way-

breezy dressWhat an easy, breezy dress is this. Teamed with a box clutch and a perfect pair of footwear, it is going to make heads turn whenever worn.

trench coat teamedThis is a trench coat teamed with slacks and a shoulder belt cum pouch. It is a chic outfit that screams elegance and street fashion at the same time.

Gold DressGold – This is a street style dress that can be your quick fix on colder days. With the temperature cooling down, it is time to buckle up with inspirations like this.

stunning professional attireThis is stunning professional attire that is what your average Parisian would wear. The Properly layered jacket and glasses complete the look. Can we take a moment to appreciate how the blue sandals appear.

another layered wonderThis is another layered wonder. The bright colors go well with each other and the cane bag completes the look. The cute bows and mules make it more edgy and dainty.

oversized sweatersThis year oversized sweaters ruled the roost and this one just stole the limelight. With the spring-fall season on, this peppy colorful sweater teamed with boyfriend jeans and high heels made heads turn.

foil top with ruffled sleevesThis foil top with ruffled sleeves and torn front slit jeans is a personal favorite. A bright pop of color in the form of the yellow tie up belt only made it more catchy and interesting.

bohemian vibeIn this outfit, the bohemian vibe is strong. It gives you a beachy look with bright colors, soothing fabric, and loose hair. The color coordination is very subdued and elegant at the same time.

flowy lookThis is a flowy look with a cold-shouldered top. It is perfect for fall and has a broad waist that accentuates your waist and is teamed with great boots for an edgy appeal.

co-ords setThis is a co-ords set with a formal appeal. The bright blue is a classic and the way the hems work is brilliant. It has a beautiful bag too and is a great outfit for all.

suede jacketThis is a suede jacket with a winnow texture. The bright checkered bag and eyeglasses compliment the outfit and make it extremely fun and interesting.

flowy violet dressThis is a flowy violet dress with amazing ruffles and pleats giving it a great look. The sleek hair and great overall sweater make it amazingly layered. It is best for an evening occasion.

Casual and coolCasual and cool, these are the two terms when you see this picture. What a great balance of colors and clothes is here. The occasional bright hues and subdued ones make it a match in heaven.

style outfitThis is easy to style outfit. This describes the class of Parisians and the sheer confidence with which the formal outfit is carried is amazing.

embezzled jacketThis is an embezzled jacket that is oversized and has a front open end. It is teamed with patchy, color-blocked jeans that are quite a rage in the fashion world. The white mules only make it more regal and uplift the fashion quotient.

uniquely colored setThis is a uniquely colored set that has lateral pants and a bright sweater as a top. It is perfect for a gloomy day when you know your outfit is going to brighten your moods.

long gownThis is a long gown that is very casual. It has a very vibrant vibe to it. It has beautifully stylish sleeves and great flower earrings compliment the look.

snazzy fashionableThis is a snazzy, fashionable item that is downright stylish and comfortable. The white shoes and the colors mix and match perfectly.

flower power dressThis flower power dress is a great one for a windy day. It is bright and mellow making it a perfect balance and mix of colors. The footwear is the stealer of the limelight for sure.

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