The Latest Christian Louboutin Collection will make your Jaws Drop Open

Think fashion and one of the first things that come to your mind is France. A premier fashion designer based in Paris is Christian Louboutin. He has a high-end footwear and shoe industry. The creative company has branched out and is a highly reputed brand among fashion circles. A celebrity designer, Christian has select and limited edition pieces along with custom made ones. His Egyptian roots have enabled the creation of the quirkiest set of bags.


Crafty Delight

This is a crafty delight and has stripes and colors. The beautiful hues add a life to the bag. It can brighten any dull outfit.

hues and beadsA bag with great space and beautiful patterns. It can hold a million things and has beads that make it look amazing. The great band and rough edges make it an interesting affair.

embossed bagThe hues and beads add a lot of contrast. It appeals to any user and is a good deal. It is well made and has a good storage space.

patchy paradiseThis is an embossed bag with CL label. The bag enlivens any outfit and will add a spark. The yellows and pink make it a very bright bag. The flowers add life to it.

bright hue of colorsA patchy paradise is what this bag could be termed as. The stripes work well and the flowery details make it a wonderful catch. The spiky details on the handle are definitely an X-factor.

brilliant rich designA bright hue of colors that is both horizontal and vertical. It looks like a bundle of joy with rich evocative colors.

sky blue bagOne thing you notice about this bag is its deep colors and brilliant rich design. The purple color and flowers make a mark like no other and the suede handle is a great detail.

Blue BagA sky blue bag that has tints of red, blue and purple. A slender piece that will immediately grab attention.


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