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Succulents? You may ask! Yes, the Succulent Source is a one-stop-shop for quality succulents for weddings, events, parties and more. One look at the site and you would be attracted to the quality and vast variety of succulents which are on offer. They look fantastic, colorful and are a sight to behold! Opt these for weddings, as guest favors and even for your own home and garden. You will love them, we vouch for it! The Succulent Source is a family owned business with their own private licensed library from Southern California, where they grow carefully nurtured succulents and ship them by the 1000s to everywhere in the US, yearlong!

What’s Available on The Succulent Source?

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2 Assorted Succulent
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2 Rosette Succulents
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Some of the best succulents, air plants and cacti are available here.
Choose the best succulents from over 20 varieties like Echeveria for:

  • Weddings – Custom succulent bouquets, Boutonnieres, crowns and so on. All beautiful wedding items are handcrafted by their wedding florist Amber who does amazing work at her Floral Studio. We loved her choices and her skills and are sure you will love them too!
  • Guest Favors – Choose from a variety of assorted, rosette, wedding succulents, ornamental cactus, and ornamental glow cactus.

Succulent Source flavors

  • Centerpieces – Make DIY decor or you can choose a pre-made amazing arrangement
    Go for a variety of agaves and aloves
  • Corporate Gifts – Succulents make for perfect corporate gifts. You can choose from a huge variety and this company is trusted by companies like Google and AT&T.
  • Succulents for Boys – There’s a separate corner where succulents are handpicked by the boys of the family. If you choose from there, the boys are given money to save for toys and college. How cool is that to make kids understand the importance of money and planning?
  • Succulent Cuttings for home décor, wreaths, gardens, centerpieces etc.


If you thought that succulents were all there is at this site, you’re mistaken. Cacti, which produce some of nature’s most beautiful flowers, are found in plenty here. Ornamental cactus, which is really attractive is available for weddings, guest favors and so on.

  • Other items include
  • Favor Tags
  • Arrangements for your table, home etc.
  • Apparels like fun tees
  • Gift cards

Why buy at Succulent Source?

They have amazing customer service and take pains to ensure you receive the best and on time for your event. Their succulents make for adorable centerpieces and are loved by their customers. All the pieces arrive in perfect shape and are top-notch. They also give you information on how to handle the plants through a video. All your guests would love this unique gift and appreciate you for your creativity and thoughtfulness. A big thumbs up!!

Shipping Policy and Returns

  • Shipping is free when stated in the product title else depends on the weight of your order.
  • They ship to all states in the USA
  • Your succulents arrive 7-10 days prior to an event or even earlier if you don’t!
  • If your temperature is below 30 degrees, you can opt for their hot packs for as low as $5.
  • If your shipping is damaged, inform them within 24 hours and get new plants, refunds or information on care for damaged plants depending on the situation.

Ratings and Reviews

Around 95% of their customers have given them a rating of 5 stars on their site.
Succulent Source review


We give them 5 stars as well! Go for them and earn praises from your guests! Their ideal conversation starters too with their unique appeal.

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