Try these Boho Styles for your Next Beach Vacation

It’s nearing summer and time to head to the beach. We know, if you already planned a beach vacation, what better way than to flaunt your body than the right beachwear.
While many are not comfortable wearing just a bikini, we have the right solution for you. Boho style beachwear it is! Its fun, vibrant and your perfect ally whether you just need to relax with a drink or slay away at the beach volleyball match.

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Take full advantage of this summer, opt for some chic, flowy Boho style beach outfits and don’t forget to let your hair down, literally and figuratively!! Here are a few beach looks which you can opt for and have fun at the beach.

Flowy Maxi Magic

Flowy Maxi MagicThis flowy, floral maxi beach dress with straps is a perfect mix of comfort and style. The contrasting floppy hat makes you beach-ready and sporty at the same time!

Cool Beachy Party Wear

Cool Beachy Party WearDo not forget to stock your closet with this Boho beach dress with its splash of colors. This is the ideal dress for a beach party! It’s elegant, charming and paired with matching sunglasses, makes you a diva!

Mini Strapped Wonder

Mini Strapped Wonder
Boho style mini strapped dresses can be pulled off by almost anybody. Let your hair loose in those natural beach waves and get ready to rock.

Less is More

Less is MoreMinimalism is best when it comes to the beach! Enjoy your time with this cute tee and beach. The denim shorts are a Boho style staple and a must-own!

Accessorize for best looks

Accessorize for best looksHigh-waisted skirts with a bohemian touch are cool and comfy. We love this floral skirt and the chic top which looks ravishing! The straw hat and bag are the perfect match. Throw in a funky neckpiece to make a fashion statement!

Charm in White

Charm in WhiteCasual beach dresses in shades of white are a sure-shot winner! Paired with the cowboy hat and trench coat, it’s as glamorous as it gets.

Smoking Red Hot

Smoking Red HotWhen it doubt, go for red. This lacy red Boho chic outfit with the straw brimmed hat and oversized bag gives out celebrity vibes. Throw in some funky accessories and turn hippy.

Happy vacationing, don’t forget some cool flip-flops and those oversized sunglasses for some dramatic effect. A floral headband, hat or scarf that screams Boho-chic, and some sunscreen are the other must-haves!

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