Try These Quarantine Styles Clothing While At Home

It’s been ages since anyone of us had the need to get dressed up as we all are the stuck home cause of COVID – 19. Our pyjamas have become our daily outfit as they are comfy and we have nowhere to go or meet anyone. Having said that we all crave a routine as that keeps us all going and sane. Now is the time we all need a routine the most as we stuck indoors.

Quarantine Style

The easiest way to feel normal and sane while staying at home is to get out of our home clothes that we have been wearing for the longest time now and get into some comfy yet stylish clothes which aren’t dressy but still comfy and make us feel human again. Also getting ready will lift up your spirits and improve your mood which is good for your mental health.

Now don’t stress when we say you need to get ready and out of your pyjamas, doesn’t translate into wearing pants with buttons, underwire bras and high heels. What we mean is wearing comfy clothes which are stylish and makes you look as if you have put in an effort without having done anything much.

So here is a list of comfy clothes which are stylish and perfect to be worn at home. We are going to call this style of clothing the Quarantine Style! So let’s dig deep into your wardrobes and see how many of these you already own.


Let’s start with sweatpants as these cover all the basics you need like comfort, style and pockets! Now they are many types of sweatpants as you already know, a tricky part is finding the perfect one which will make all the difference. As we are covering Quarantine Styles we have to pick the ones which scream comfort along with chic because chances are you might need to step out for running errands or get on an office video call.

Some of the styles you need to check out our jogger track pants, cargo jogger ( these are our favourite cause more pockets!), straight leg sweatpants, drawstring jogger’s and capris cause its summer.

Athleisure and Activewear

Next is Athleisure and activewear is a mix of your workout clothes and loungewear which make it a perfect style of clothes to go from a walk to the couch and back to work. Athleisure clothes are made of the most comfortable and buttery fabric with a relaxed style in mind. This makes it versatile and allows you to mix and match outfits which can be transitioned from running errands to right in front of your computer for a video call with colleagues.

Look for these styles which are trending right now high rise leggings, high neck sports bras, high waisted biker shorts, leggings with a reflective pocket, cropped hoodie with matching track pants, drawstring shorts, slim fit tank tops, muscle crop tops, twisted layering tanks and tops.

Biker Shorts

Biker shorts need to be mentioned on its own as these are the current trend along with being perfect at home outfit. Bikers shorts have the perfect amount of stretch and fit you perfectly. These can be paired with a loose top in case you have a zoom call or a cropped top while you’re chilling on your couch.

Leggings or Yoga Pants

Leggings or Yoga pants are pants made to move from workout right into lounging or running errands. These pants fit well, feel comfy and feel like a second skin, you never want to go without. Now yoga pants are more on the looser side when it comes to fitting mostly made of soft fabric which makes them comfortable to move around in. While leggings are more of a tight and stretchy fit made of different materials but comfortable in any style.

You can try out the various style available in both styles of bottom wear, some of the trending styles are yoga jogger’s, high – waisted slim bootcut yoga pants, wide leg yoga pants, ankle leggings, and high waisted leggings.

Pair this outfit with the comfiest walking sneakers as they are feather-light, comfortable and stylish at the same time.


T-shirt’s are going to be your go-to, so move aside those blouses you wore to work. T-shirt’s are a versatile piece of clothing which can be worn with almost all types of bottom. Wear around or v neck and you are good to go. Just remember to skip on the one which is over worn and have no definite shape left.


Pullovers are at home staple and a classic style again which can be paired with any style of bottoms. These are a great choice when you have a day planned to run errands as these are comfy yet chic. Checkout for new styles in a pullover with side slits.

Oversized Shirts

Oversized shirts either long sleeves or short in cotton are the comfiest of clothing choice, you can make. The best part if it’s really long enough you can wear it as a dress, cause your home alone. If planning to step out pair it with leggings or loose pants.

Maxi Dress

Maxi dress which is actually nightdress is the perfect amount of flair at sleeves can be counted to be an actual dress when people look at you on their laptop screens. These comfy and airy dresses come in all sorts of styles which are a blessing for us. If you haven’t worn one while at home you are missing out. Go check these out now. Also don’t forget it’s officially summer outside even when you can’t go out, so get into those colourful maxi dresses you shopped to wear this summer.

Casual Dresses

Casual dresses which are comfortable, fall into this category also as it’s summer you can’t let the chance of wearing all those summer dresses you had planned. You can wear a t-shirt dress, a slip dress, or a romper.


Bralettes for lounging cause the last thing you want to wear at home is an underwire bra. As wearing one is not an option we need something comfortable which is less constricting is what we should be wearing while at home. Bralettes are the perfect t substitute as they are comfortable and feel like a second skin and can be worn under any type of clothing.

There are various styles available like lace padded, lace plunge bralette, and even a bra tank.


Underwear cause you can’t be wearing a thong at home now, can you? Choose panties which are comfortable to wear with any type of clothing. You need something which stays place, fits perfectly and comfortable. Some of the designs to look out for to wear while staying at home are cotton stretch bikini, briefs, hipster, cheeky panties, and high waist.


Slippers cause slipping your feet into a pair of soft cosy slippers is the ultimate bliss. Walking around your house barefoot is not the best option as that will wreak havoc on your feet leaving blisters and cracks. Few of the options you can choose from our moccasins, scuff slippers, mule slippers, flip flops, wool loungers, ballet slippers or spa slippers.

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