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How often have we stared at our watches with wishful thinking on how a couple of features or looks can be changed to suit us? If you can manage to get a customized watch, it usually comes with a heavy price tag. This is where we discovered Undone and fell in love with it. Undone as a brand began as a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign.

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What does the Undone Brand represent?

For those who love customized watches, but at a reasonable budget, Undone has come up with a simple idea! You can choose from amongst 3 choices for watch design. Then you can completely customize it according to your choice. From the color of the dial, material, and strap – the choice is endless.

What are the basic Watch Designs Available?

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The three basic watch types you can choose from are Urban, Collaboration, and Aqua. Here’s a detailed look at each of them.

Urban is a very simple looking watch which has 2-pusher chronograph with subs at 12 and 6 o’clock. The Undone Urban is full of substance and sleek, clearly made by people who both know and appreciate watches. Undone offers a quartz watch with a display case back – and it looks pretty cool.

The Aqua variant has 2 automatic movements (date or no date). Both movements are coming from Seiko. You can choose the case from various options like steel. The back case option can be either solid or glass. You have a wide range of choices for the dial. Choose between vintage, classic, modern and limited. Hands also come in 3 styles and 9 colors.

Straps Choices

After picking your case, dial and hands, with custom texts and images you need to find a good strap. There are 6 strap categories to choose from, with various sub-categories. For instance, we love the cordura which is very solid, has a leather lining and quick release spring bars.

Why is Undone a great choice for Watches?

  • For a low price, you can customize your watches.
  • The prices are pretty reasonable and you can get a customized watch in the $250 to $300 range.
  • You have high-quality workmanship.
  • The watches ship fast and there is free worldwide shipping.
  • UNDONE’s in-house watchmakers personally help assemble your watch and then test it individually.
  • You can choose from countless different features across different models.
  • For every feature, you have between two and ten options.

How can you save when Shopping for Undone Watches?

Undone Watches Free Shipping

UNDONE Watches offers ongoing free shipping policy. You get the discount of free shopping which basically means you don’t need any special discount code for shipping.

Undone Money-Back Guarantee

UNDONE Watches offers a money-back guarantee. When you purchase from UNDONE Watches, you can return it if you’re not satisfied for a full refund.

UNDONE Watches – Free returns and Exchange:

UNDONE Watches offers free returns and exchanges when you return their product due to damages or not being satisfied.

Undone Coupons

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Final Thoughts

With Undone watches, you have the power to customize watches according to your preference, at a low cost. It gives you the power and freedom to get a product your way, which is where the USP of this brand lies. No more high price tags, mass-produced mediocre products!

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