Upside Down Shorts are the Latest Fashion Rage

Jeans are one of the most versatile garments that can be paired with anything and you are good to go. They are popular across the globe and loved as much. They suit all body types, can be experimented with and work for almost every occasion. They can be paired in umpteen ways to get the desired look. The variation and creativity over time in Jeans is one of the most diverse.  Some of the latest ones are Boyfriend jeans, side striped Jeans, and cutaway jeans.

The latest fashion trend is Jeans and Denim Shorts being worn upside down. It is a literal pair of upside down jeans. They are designed to visually give us the impact of inverted denim.  These Denim are created by a New York-based Vintage shop called CIE Denim. They have made this denim inspired by Upside Down of Stranger Things. They are named after the characters of Stranger Things. That is

  • Nancy
  • Lucas
  • Will
  • Mike
  • El

So, the denim has the spunk of these characters.

Upside down

“Nancy” shorts are summer shorts, washed down a bit and have a relaxed fit. They can be paired with a good cotton crop top and a nice bag to give a nice look for a day out with friends or lunch.


These “El” shorts are ones with special pockets that are cool and totally funky. They have a raw vibe to it. They can be paired with many colors due to their denim shade and texture. This pair of shorts is versatile and in tune with the ‘Upside Downtrend.

Full pant upside down

These are ‘Mike’ inverted Jeans. They have a relaxed, inverted fit and have a baggy, sporty feel to it.
These inverted Jeans will be perfect with a Graphic Tee and some shoes. One can carry off the rock punk vibe with this.

shorts are paired

The shorts are paired with a striped tee and a casual Jacket. There is also edginess to the outfit. One is easily reminded of the roadster look that became popular in 2000.

Up side down

The frayed hemline, washed look of the denim give it a cool, disorienting look.
They are made of a unique fabric and are all different in their own way.  The denim has created a sensation on Instagram and has become a hot fad.

Up side down

They have pockets that open from below and provide a fresh outlook on conventional shorts. They are mostly handmade or personalized.
All these shorts are so unique that CIE Denim has a patent pending for the design. Also, they are made from recycled material.

Up side down

These upside-down shorts are already being called one of the wildest denim in the year. It is definitely a fresh take on clothing and has captured the imagination of some.

Up Side Down Shorts

This upside down shorts is stylish and makes your outfit an instant head turner. They attract attention to the innovative design, unique pockets and fit.
These Upside down shorts is thus the perfect foil to give a stylish twist to old tees or any tops. They are in trend this season and are becoming very popular through social media.

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