If You’re Getting Married or about to celebrate your First Anniversary, this is how you should be doing it. First moments make it the albums or videotapes that stay in shelves and gather dust. Let’s keep the spirit of love alive in the living rooms with a canvas from your real life.
Canvas Vows is what you could look forward to if you’re planning to gift your spouse something heartfelt and what better than something that would be in your room as a reminder of the love you share. And for all, we know nothing beats the gifts made out of paper and ink.

Canvas Vows

Canvas Vows
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Canvas Vows

Canvas Vows
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Canvas Vows

Canvas Vows
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Canvas Vows

Canvas Vows
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So the first year is about reliving that moment on repeat and making, even more, cherishable memories. Big Day is done and sorted, after all those stressful weeks, when you finally get time to spend with your beloved you might want to look at this. A canvas that says everything in one picture is what CANVAS VOWS plan to do. The reason why you got married, that one nervous moment of guaranteed lifetime togetherness when you said: “I DO.”  You see it and then it puts a silly smile on your face like you went back to that moment.


They have a range of canvases depending on the occasion and the person it is being customized for.  All you need to do is find that right picture from the wedding and your vows and ORDER ON CANVAS VOWS.  They offer eight sizes to pick from, and it is super easy to order online!  All you need to do is upload the picture you chose, type up the exact words you like on the design and wait for it to arrive.

Some good ideas for the words could be:

  • Poems
  • Your wedding vows
  • Favorite song lyrics
  • Date of the wedding
  • & MRS…

Canvas Vow’s material is high end and strict quality control is used on each canvas.  They use HP latex inks that are water-based solvent-free, and odorless.  Also, the canvas comes READY TO HANG with the needed hardware to hang it. Thickness is the standard 7.5.

The different categories of canvas those are available.

  • Photo Word Art – the perfect pictures that you provide them with
  • Word Art Canvases -the words/vows you want on the canvas
  • Sound Wave Canvas – every sound we hear has an equivalent sound wave, for those special words and promises you want to hang on the wall
  • Sheet Music On Canvas- a music sheet with music notes of those special songs and moments you cherish
  • Love Quote Canvases- say it with words on the wall, a reminder in good and tough times alike
  • Home Decor Canvases – a lot of great options for your wall art, a perfect gift for couples

Other Occasions you could get them on:

  • Anniversary Gifts
  • Birthday Gifts
  • Gifts for Her
  • Gifts for Him
  • New Home Décor
  • Baby shower
  • Engagement announcements
  • Wedding Invitation books

So why don’t you plan something out of the blue and not cliché for your wedding anniversary and let your spouse know how special they are. Fill your home with some meaningful art by creating a personalized canvas from the CANVAS VOWS. Let them remember the first anniversary. Something one of a kind that will only be about you and your love.
Some occasions need more attention and love. For such occasions, Canvas Vows does a better job of putting it on display with utmost care and stunning artistic customizations.
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