Xpand Laces Review – The Best Shoelaces which You Never Need to Tie

When your shoelaces are great, you can put your best foot forward, iteratively and figuratively! We’re not kidding, shoes are held together by quality shoelaces. It all began when founder Chuck injured his foot and found that even doing his shoelaces was a chore and painful.

That’s when he devised his idea. He designed these secure shoes with two elastic laces which allowed a comfortable fit which was breathable. Along with that, he designed an innovative stable mechanism to help secure the laces in place and hence there was no need to ever tie them again. These are the closest you get to real laces and are threaded exactly as normal laces. To learn more about how good are they and how do the customers love them, read on!

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What’s so special about the laces?

  • We all know you are curious as to what makes these shoe laces so unique. One look at their site at xPand and you understand that they are all about shoelaces.
  • There are different colored laces, reflective laces and all these laces are priced nominally at $9.99.
  • These shoelaces have a patent pending and are ready-made which means – you never have to tie your shoelaces again.
  • It has Zero Memory Elastic hence it helps you pre-adjust any tension to conform to your feet. Hence your focus can be just on running and not on tripping.
  • And the best part is, these laces are compatible with leading brands like Nike, Converse, and New Balance etc.
  • The reflective laces reflect light, making them ideal for jogs in crammed pathways and for evening and night strolls.
  • They are easy for kids to use, and it saves a lot of time, especially during the morning rush.
  • They fit with any sneaker or athletic shoe easily, and having them is a cake walk.
  • They are available in attractive colors of all hues and attract attention to your feet.
  • They jazz up your wardrobe and provide a better fit to your shoes.

What do you get when you buy Xpand Laces?

  • 2 Laces
  • 4 Lace Anchors
  • 4 Lace End Clips

What else is available on Xpand Laces?

  • Besides a variety of colorful and reflective laces, you also have Duffel Bags, Tote bags and lace anchors to improve your sense of style.
  • Some more information on the shoelaces
  • All the shoelaces are 52cm long and can also stretch to almost twice that length. They are long enough for Jordans, boots and high tops.
  • You can also trim the laces according to your requirement.
  • They are perfect for kids and toddlers shoes as well.
  • They can be worn with athletic shoes but remember to adjust the tension to provide support and comfort.
  • Xpand Laces have thought of every single detail including creating tabs at the end of the lace for longevity and good appearance.
  • Once you purchase them, here’s a video on how to install them.

Offers Galore

One of the best things we loved about Xpand Laces is the plethora of offers you can find on their site.
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Shipping and Other Details

There’s free worldwide shipping for more than 4 packs.
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Here are some reviews of their very satisfied customers. This would help you decide if you can buy them for yourself.

Private User
My kids love these shoelaces! They have used them on their indoor and outdoor shoes and now they have new shoes for Sept and will be putting these laces in them!!
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These are the closest you will find to regular laces on the market. They have a clasp which holds both ends in place at the top making it easy to slip on and not tie your shoelaces. You just need to trim them to fit, and compared to other shoelaces in the market, you will face no issues with these.

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