Your Ultimate Fashion Guide for Monsoons

Monsoons should be celebrated, indeed they should be. After all, the scorching heat is giving way to the gentle cool breeze and the drizzle of raindrops on your face, fresh dew, rainbows….you get the drift, right? And what better way to ramp up your wardrobe with newbies and dump away those summer dresses. It’s time to make way for trendy trench coats, sexy boots, and stylish raincoats. Confused on what choices to make? Here’s a handy guide on Monsoon essentials and how to keep it stylish.

Monsoon Fashion guide

Give those dull colors a skip, say no to grays, teals, and blacks. Choose vibrant hues, like lemon yellow, go fuchsia, and bring back some sunshine to those wet days. Knee length skirts, crop top with hot pants look great in bright hues.

Monsoon Fashion Guide

Opt for layers. Summers have been all about flowy, thin fabrics and light clothes. Go for layers, be it a trench coat, jacket, and pep up your monsoon. Those extra layers protect you against the cold and up your fashion quotient.

Monsoon rain coat

During monsoons, you need a raincoat for protection. Opt for slick, transparent raincoats, with bright clothes to stand out. Else you can choose variant raincoats in yellow, neon’s and pinks to give you a fresh feel.

Monsoon rain coat

To prevent your clothes from getting into muddy puddles, say no to pants and opt for miniskirts and stylish shorts. Choose pastels which look sober and add a stunning bright accessory for the shock factor.

Monsoon shoes

Now is the time to flaunt your funky umbrellas. Try matching your umbrella to your outfit or boots for fun. Opt for an umbrella with a quirky pattern and try matching it with your clothes or accessories. Bright pinks bring a splash of warmth on a cold monsoon day!


Sliders are comfy, keep you dry and look chic, hence they are a rage during monsoons. Opt for transparent, or shimmery sliders to give your feet a glam look!

monsoon 5

Jumpsuits and rompers give you a fun look this monsoon. Opt for the king of rainy seasons– bold colors or muted pastels for a sophisticated look. It’s easy to wear, no fuss and doesn’t leave you wet and sticky. Push away those monsoon blues with jumpsuits, rompers, cropped pants and the like.

monsoon 6

Last but not least, choose waterproof makeup. Reduce the dreaded panda effect and use waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Opt for tinted moisturizers and matte lipsticks with a little baby powder applied on top to prevent smudging. Peach, pink and brown are the best shades for monsoons.

GO ahead, follow these tips and make sure you look your best and brightest even during the monsoons!

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